that damn rescue code

Posted: February 8, 2012 at 11:00 am

le job before afternoon shift was..get the bank deposit done (and hope for the best.)

so we squeaked thru ..enough for payroll, maybe enough for the next week feed and paying some of the bills.

rescue is hand to mouth…it is sort of like foot and mouth disease.

chance is probably going back to his foster home this weekend and laura is thinking about who might be the next lucky saint to move with her to foster care…i helpfully suggested odie…she said..yeah, no thanks.

i have been thinking about too many dogs and not enough cash….i think we should have a garage sale and sell off a bunch of dogs…both problems solved.

oh yeah, that is against the rescue code…too freaking bad.

the 10 commandments in rescue

thou shall not lie
thou shall not cheat
thou shall not steal
thou shall not be mean
thou shall not kill pains in the ass
thou shall not allow reproduction
thou shall not allow suffering
thou shall not allow uncleanliness
thou shall not be stupid
thou shall not sell.

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  • Penny says

    Re: the fund raiser – if people want to write a cheque for their pledge, who should it be made out to? I’m assuming it’s “SAINTS” but couldn’t find any info on that. Thanks.

  • Elisabeth says

    hmmm..I’m not sure a ‘dog garage sale’ would solve your money issues since they aren’t exactly in high demand – the market in Saints dogs is a bit soft, I would expect. Isn’t there a reason they’re at Saints in the first place?? (I know you were kidding, but I couldn’t resist pointing out the lack of a ‘Saints dog market’)..ha ha.

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