i like waking up before my alarm….

Posted: February 20, 2012 at 6:59 am

i have time to just sit and find out things i didn’t know…like…phoebe is sick.

she didn’t wake up last night when i came in from the barn…she was curled up under her blankets in the zen den which was fine. but she didn’t ask to come out before i went to bed..which now that i think of it is a bit odd.

anyway as soon as i sat down with my tea this quiet and silent morning…i heard fluid filled breathing so i turned on the light and tracked the sound to the pile of blankets under which was phoebe.

her chest is FULL..i don’t know if she vomitted sometime yesterday or fell in the pond and aspirated either one and now suddenly has pneumonia? or is she suddenly in congestive heart failure??…omg..does she have lung cancer that has been hiding inside her and i didn’t know????
she is really ill.

i am bumping odie out of his vet drop off today (he can safely wait til tomorrow…) and will drop phoebe off instead….

good lord phoebe is NEVER sick…this dog is a freaking machine built to last and drive me insane for eternity….this is totally freaking me out.


jeezus phebers…when did you start getting old???? and fer chrissakes knock it off!!!!!

this is upsetting me way worse than you ever being a royal haggy witch.

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