odie's vet appointment report card

Posted: February 22, 2012 at 6:03 pm

A….total and complete ASSHOLE
D….total mr. DICKHEAD extraordinaire



F….total FREAKING (blood check) FAILURE

i dropped him off at 08:15 and they called me to kick him out at 08:45. i was already at work by then so he had to wait til my lunch break for pick up…..thankfully no one slipped him some euthanol before i could get him… by then odie had done far too much damage so i forego’ed even attempting a forgiveness bribe by donuts…now i am thinking at least a VERY big bottle of baileys.

i am pretty impressed tho…despite all odds…odie shed not a single drop of his own blood today.

so..plan B…wait a month on his current reduced dose of insulin and then sedate the hysterical freakout at home first and then take him into the clinic for a fructosamine.

honestly odie..do you have to be such a drama queen????

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  • Janet says

    Ah, but who won this battle, Carol? I think Odie is ahead!

  • Carol says

    he is only ahead for the next thirty days..

  • lynne says

    ah carol dont be so mean. lol i could have picked him up for you. i told you to call me i do not mind. he does have personality plus. bambi has decided that she wants the biggest and softest beds at my house, she really is a diva, but she is such a little love bug. she has my husband wrapped around her paw. just gets so excited to go for car rides too. we love her to bits

  • Carol Ann says

    wow Lynne that is great news and Odie is so cute how can he be that bad lol

  • Caylee says

    Just glad it wasn’t us πŸ™‚

  • colleen b says

    Haha on odie! Can’t wait to meet him…I will guess he won’t be adopted before my next trip out πŸ™‚

    Lynne! Which Bambi? So great!!!

  • Curt says

    I like that Carol (he is only ahead for the next thirty days..)

  • Naomi says

    LOL wow, can;t believe they couldnt do it…

  • Leila says

    Raleigh needs to be sedated when he goes into the vet clinic or no one will get near him – even with a muzzle on. I AM SO THANKFUL HE IS NOT DIABETIC!!!
    Go Odie, go

  • Carol Ann says

    little wrecked Eli has to be held down by a few people and he still is impossible and he only weighs 16 lbs. He bit my nose the other day. lol

  • Rae says

    My dog Spirit has to be totally sedated to do any type of diagnostic work.He’s blind and deaf and gets so scared, it’s like he’s feral. It takes three of us to cut his nails. Just before Christmas he started having seizures and had to go to the Clinic for bloodwork, let me tell you that was interesting!!!

  • lynne says

    hi colleen have been away for a few days just got home. it is big bambi with the big bootie. lol

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