holy freaking shit man…

Posted: March 3, 2012 at 8:43 pm


jenn called me at work and said look at maybe’s butt..then she phoned me twice more when i got home to remind me but before i had made it in from the outdoor chores.
anyway..i finally went in and had a look and that wasn’t a simple pooh butt..it was a freaking pooh planet!!!

i tossed her in the sink and grabbed the scissors and started working away at it and finally got it all off.

wow for such a little hairy dog..she has just won the grossest butt in the world award.

good call jenn..but remind me to show you how to de-pooh planet butts next time you are out…it can be a mother/daughter bonding thing….love you!

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  • jenn says

    Hey I made an effort to clean the poo planet but every time my hand went to that nether region maybe told me fuck off that is, she tried to bite me! – figured she wanted to leave the poo planet as a special gift for u. Especially because it go her an award. Love u too mom.

  • Carol says

    you have approach maybe’s butt with authority..not oh honey, excuse me, please let me fix up your butt..it is more like hey you hold still cuz i own this gross butt…then she won’t try to bite you.

    don’t laugh..it works.

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