putting the value of my life into perspective.

Posted: March 20, 2012 at 6:10 am

not feeling too shit hot this morning..the tylenol and advil i was taking to keep that headache knocked back is making my stomach feel icky. i will try not to take any today. i am pretty sure this is just one big long tension headache…sigh..methinks i need a massage.

some of my coworkers have regular weekly massage appointments…hmmm..maybe they are on to something. i have had one in my entire life and i have to admit, it felt pretty damn good. but i honestly just can’t see myself at some tranquil and peaceful day spa with sparkling glass vases filled with bamboo and blinding white fluffy towels every freaking week…it weirds me out, it is like being in stepford.

speaking of feeling like shit…i am meeting my life insurence agent today after work. apparently the policy i took out to cover saints should i drop dead, is up for renewal. i talked to mo yesterday and told her i was thinking of increasing it cuz 100 grand really won’t go very far since we are so big now. but if i bump it up to 250 thousand, the monthly premium is just under one hundred dollars. mo said that if we could spend $150 per month just to get our barn poop hauled away then spending $100 to protect saints in case of my death ought to be ok.

i am not so sure i like the worth of my life being compared to the cost of a bin of manure.

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  • Helga says

    There are all kinds of expert physiotherapists out there where you could get a good deep massage in plain clinical surroundings. You don’t have to do the whole scented candles, mood lighting, hot rocks between the toes thing.

  • Curt says

    Thais gave me a chuckle: I am not so sure i like the worth of my life being compared to the cost of a bin of manure.

  • Ann C says

    I agree that’s a pretty shitty comment ha!ha!

  • carly says

    Carol I just wanted to let you know I had a dream last night Phoebe found a new home…lol.I know she’s not up for adoption, but I thought this dream was pretty weird.

  • francesca Wilson says

    Good morning Carol, just to say Marie and I will be at SAINTS tomorrow, Wednesday around 10:15 am.
    Take care, francesca

  • Barbara DeMott says

    We have the most wonderful massage therapist who also does cranio-sacral for headaches. He used to work for the BCLIons. Somehow he seems like a fit for you. Come on over to Gibsons to Michael Fischer and have a visit.

  • Leila says

    Ha ha ha, I am not a stepford wife by any means (well mostly because I’m not married) but I love those tranquil day spas with the dim lights, classical music and blinding white towels.

  • Zoe says

    Dammit! My great idea I was coming to work on today turned out to be not so great. I’ll tell ya bout it Saturday but I don’t need to borrow Percy anymore.

  • Bridget says

    you can get the money back from the massages from Blue Cross.

    why not try it for a couple of weeks, and see if it helps the aches? it helps mum. (i have to drag her there, but she’s glad of it afterwards).

    helga’s right. i could ask mum if she knows anyone out of a spa setting.

  • Maggie says

    Carol, ask Susan K if she could lead you to the right person. She is pretty up to date on what’s available locally.

  • Janice ter Borg says

    I go to a registered massage therapist at my chiropractic clinic. Nothing fluffy, just a damn good massage. And you can claim it thru blue cross. Sounds like you really need it, Carol!

  • Brenda says

    I think Mo put everything into perspective quite clearly – and sometimes it takes an extremely ridiculous comparison to get the point across, and get some action going!

  • laura says

    I know a RMT who works out of newleaf massage & wellness in Abbotsford, let me know if you want her card.

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