percy needs your prayers

Posted: March 21, 2012 at 6:21 pm

he is in serious trouble…it looks like his intestines may have herniated into his scrotum. the vet said it could be a cellulitis but it may also be a herniated bowel. she said she could give him a chance overnight by giving him a very high dose of pain/antiinflammatory meds. hopefully that will keep him comfortable and if the swelling goes down then we can assume it is a cellulitis which is treatable. but if it is a herniated bowel, they just can’t do the surgery to repair it because he is far too big and it would immediately rip open as soon as he stood up again. i am really afraid it is the bowel because he is trying to poop and he can’t.

if he gets worse i will call her back and we will have to euthanize tonight…hopefully the meds will work and he will be ok. joy and emily are staying right with him and i will check him frequently thru the night.

jesus fucking christ percy, what the hell are you doing???…do you have any idea how much you are loved by all of us?????


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  • Lynn says

    All thoughts are with you and the vigil team. Percy, it’s not time yet!

  • jamie bryk says

    Your in our prayers Percy and Saints family

  • Carol Ann says

    oh no not Percy, praying through my tears. 🙁

  • Janette Korabo says

    oh my goodness, I havent been able to stop thinking about Percy since I left. I am hoping and praying that he will be okay…

  • Sharon says

    Prayers going up for your dear Percy. I was just looking at his pics on the website and he is so beautiful. I hope he pulls through. You’ve all done so much to give him a wonderful life.

  • bunnyhorne says

    No Percy it is not your time. We love you, we all need you. Please Percy get better. Love and prayers to you sweet sweet Percy.

  • Ryan says

    Carol do you mind if i come up tomorrow for a few hours? Poor Percy feel better

  • Janice says

    WHAT , he is just a baby for petes sakes!!!!!!!! Praying for that cheek licking , hair pulling , wheel barrow chasing boy!

  • Caylee says

    Thinking of you and Percy tonight, Carol. I wish him the best. This is very shocking and sad news.

  • Cora says

    Sending healing thoughts to Percy. Please get better.

  • cheryl and stef says

    Sending lots of prayers to PERCY. Come on Percy you can do it.

  • Janice says

    Going to be hitting refresh all night here hoping for a good update…

  • lynne says

    come on percy, you are the first cow i have ever loved and you made me realize cows have feelings and emotions too. please get better i stopped eating meat because of you. loves and hugs going your way.

  • Donna S. says

    Sending all my thoughts and prayers Percys way! C’mon big guy, you’ve got to be okay!!!!

  • carly says

    PERCY PLEASE GET WELL! You were my favourite cow there when I was a volunteer! Its not your time Percy!!!!!

  • Renee says

    Oh Percy, please get better 🙁

  • Brent says

    you’re in my thoughts Percy, for everyone’s sake I hope you get thru this. Love ya.

  • bunnyhorne says

    Percy Lynne is right. Brent and I stopped eating cow after meeting you. Pull through buddy. Brent will let you help him with the chores. I too will be refreshing all night.

  • Alison says

    No no no no no no. This simply cannot be. I can’t believe I’m reading this. Please be well my friend. Xo

  • Ann C says

    Oh no not Percy, we sponsor him for our grandson and I was planning on bringing Nicholas up with me this weekend to see him. Sending you all my positive thoughts, Percy you are very special and much loved by everyone.

  • Jenn says

    Thinking of you and Percy tonight …

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