stage one of the new chicken area is complete…

Posted: March 27, 2012 at 6:19 pm

the chickens and ducks are all moved in and are HAPPYHAPPYHAPPY!!!! i am happy…northern trailer and rainforest sheds (a really nice father and son team..john and mike) did a truly GREAT job!!! they were helpful, pleasant, cheerful,, cooperative, patient with our thundering around animals and did excellent quality, time efficient and reasonably priced work too…i highly recommend them.

i was nervous about using someone new but steve (our regular trusted handyman who has literally built half of SAINTS since our very beginnng) has been really busy on a big job somewhere else for months but it has worked out ok..the chickens got a really good new home when the grant money came in …all went well so that is a relief (except for the concrete guys, they pretty much sucked.)

percy is good today…ang (the constable who rescued charlotte and wills) came and fed him tim bits..i asked her to please seize odie for cruelty to me but she just laughed and left him here. daphne is home…she was kind of happy to meet pinky til pinky lost his mind and got so over the top excited about finding a hot female look alike. then she got mad and told him to piss off. honestly pinky, show some restraint, daph is recovering from several major surgeries and not ready to fall in love at first sight yet.

i got the shopping done, paid some of the bills..the insurence nurse totally forgot me which is fine with me so we re-booked for later in the week…which is not so fine cuz i have to try to remember to meet her again.

and since i am back to work tomorrow i better go finish my damn personal laundry.

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  • Curt says

    Another good one Carol: Please seize odie for cruelty to me

  • Ryan says

    Hey Carol, just got Janette’s message and I will be there 9 am tomorrow.

  • angekins says

    Hahaha Carol, I told Steph about Odie and she had a good laugh too 🙂 but seriously you can tell the little troublemaker luuuuuuuves you. Thanks for letting me hang out and visit, so great to see Percy on the mend and say hi to the whole furry gang. The new chicken pad is fabulous as well as Wills and Lottie’s house, thanks for all you do, you and your team rock!

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