jazzy arrived today….(the first of the "please don't die daphne" leaky daxi's)

Posted: March 29, 2012 at 5:52 pm

what a cutie pie! sweet, sweet dog..perky, cheerful and bright..what a shame it would have been if at only three years old, she had lost her life. thank you janice for picking her up at the airport (and i am so sorry the little injured possum you found on the way home couldn’t be saved…rip little guy.)

pinky likes her (but not as much as he likes daphne!) and speak of the little crippled devil..last night he was marginally more smooth in his daphne charming so he did get to sleep on the bed. daph was so good…when he was gentle she gave him a quick lick or a nuzzle but when he was pushy, she gave him shit.

the general conscenous is that besides feeling violated and hurt from his surgery…and besides fighting off his pneumonia…we think percy is depressed. it will still be a few weeks before he can be free with his friends…and god forbid he will probably try to repeat his ‘joy ride” one day and he might find himself in huge trouble again.

quite frankly that surgery was so absolutely brutal, that i just can’t see myself putting him thru it again. please percy once you recover and are able to toddle around doing whatever you want…please, please, please keep all four hooves on the ground, never try mounting anyone ever again!

well i better do the intro’s with jazzy and the bed buddy crew. those guys are so enthusiastically freaking nutz, i just hate doing intro’s in there.
anyway..i better go visit carol hyper/nosy/busy/little/barking dog hell-ooooo..it will be over in an hour or so if i just get in with jazzy and let the saints welcome wagon do their welcoming thing.

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  • Janey says

    Ahh doxies. I love them. Pinky’s relationship with Daphne reminds me of my two. When hubby brought home 2nd Doxie #1 was thrilled from the moment he saw her. They romped and played until they could play no more. If Finn could talk I am sure he would have said “YOU GOT ME A DOG?!?!”. Priceless.

  • erin says

    funny the way things work out huh? can i please borrow a cone of shame again?

  • Carol says

    any time erin..they are in the shop.

  • roff says

    Welcome Jazzy!

    I’ll bet she sits and watches, evaluates and considers her options … just about the direct opposite to Pinky. She’s (1) female and 2) a long-hair. There is a difference.

    Hope she’s happy and I am looking forward to meeting her.

  • Bunny Horne says

    Maybe Percy will cheer up a bit this Sunday. Brent’s there with his tool bag and Percy loves the tool bag. He can toss Brent around his medical stall for a couple of hours, he can share a Timmy’s coffee and talk guy stuff. That should make him feel a bit better.

  • Carol Ann says

    ah the cone of shame Lola would gladly give you hers. I hate those things it is as hard on my legs as it is on her. Another 11 days with it yuk.

  • angela says

    awwwwwww thank you for taking these sweeties in . may I come and meet them soon ?

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