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Posted: April 21, 2012 at 6:40 pm

sigh…we are not a 24/7 petting zoo.

every single weekend someone shows up in the late afternoon or early evening (tonight it was 6:30) and wants to see the animals. it happens so often that i don’t even get irritated any more, i guess i am resigned to it now. i just keep going around and settling everyone down for bed and simply say we are closed, open tours are sat/sun. at 11.

i don’t get it tho…it boggles my brain.

wilbur has an eye infection..i did a quick clean up of both of his eyes tonight but tomorrow i am going to have to flush them and that is going to royally piss him off…oh yay.

the animals all had a good day today…the sunshine is a great treat. they are all pretty tired tonight except for pinky..he is crabbing at tess for some reason..i told him to knock it off, he is upsetting her, tess doesn’t like little crippled dogs bitching in her ear, i wouldn’t like it much either.

i got all of the cats and dogs treated for fleas today, so tomorrow i just have the bunnies to do,…man we have a lot of furry animals…note to everyone…no bathing animals for a week or so now.

my to-do list isn’t looking much smaller tonight….KO and the chickens played the guilt card. i swear to god KO told them to all lay so nice and comfortably on the hog fuel and look like they were really enjoying their comfy bed in the sun so meanie carol wouldn’t come along and scoop all of it right up from under them.

my eyes are feeling better… so i am happy about that. i will take another benadryl at bedtime and hopefully that will be it.
ok..i better go finish the meds and the insulins and then i am done for today….the rest of my list can wait for some other day.

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  • Shelley says

    I have several friends who want to visit SAINTS. I’m telling them that the only time, and the best time really, is on the weekends for tours. You learn so much, you don’t upend everyone, and you don’t get your ass kicked by mistake.

  • Carol says

    ahh shelley..percy has been having a hard time lately, he is sorry..i was actually plannng on posting on him so everyone is careful around him right now. thx for the reminder!

  • Brent says

    Morning Carol, I hope to catch you this morning before you leave for Burnaby. I have a donation from Barking Babies for you

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