the problem with waking up early on day off with a big to-do list is…

Posted: April 22, 2012 at 7:06 am

if at 6 am you are looking at a disgustingly dirty poopy giant butt…and said butt is already on your list…then you better just bite the bullet and get it done.
oh well, i might have preferred to strike manny’s butt and bed off my list at 10 am but i guess 6 am worked better for him.

what a way to start the day.

manny’s butt really doesn’t get washed enough….it should get washed every day. i have mentioned it a few times and tried to remember to do it at least once daily myself but it one of those things that no one likes to do so his butt gets put off.

it would be easier to get to it if the walk in dog shower were in the house..but having to help the 100 pound, 17 yr old, crippled manny out to the shop…. adds even more time and effort to getting it done.
next life…walk in dog shower HAS to be in the house.

sorry..enough about poopy butts…but..i just warmed up my tea and sat down to enjoy it and that was what currently was floating around in my head.
it is not like first thing in the morning around here i get to look at pretty flowers and wax poetically about them.

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  • erin says

    diana and i washed his bum yesterday am, could be worse…what if he had hair like ewok? thatd be way worse!

  • Barbara says

    I had wondered if it was ok for us (volunteers)to take Manny to the shop and give him a bum wash. I wouldn’t mind taking the time to clean the big boy up. I would probably need a little help thought : )

  • Carol says

    i think if there were two people barb it would be ok. the bucket and wash cloth while better than nothing just doesn’t clean him up well enough…he really does need a good hose off in the shower after his bowel movments….altho..manny probably totally disagrees with me about this!

  • Alison says

    Should fasten a big crate to a dolly to roll him over to the shop. Would save a few backs ?

  • Zoe says

    Sorry I wasn’t able to let you know I didn’t make it in today, long story something came up I’ll let you know when I see you.. been a rough couple weeks on top of having a 3 week cold from hell.. is there a day during the week I can come in and help out?

  • cheryl and stef says

    question totally off topic….we are reseeding and usually just put seed down without any prep work. Do you do anything different in your fields….to prepare or just throw the seed on top of the grass that is already there?

    our back field is great but our front field is a little sparse. And do you have buttercups and if you do how do you get rid of them?

  • Helga says

    I don’t know what Carol does but in my youth on the farm we went over the fields with a chain harrow – sort of like de-thatching them and loosening things up so the new seed has a chance to get through to the soil. As a gardener I know buttercups thrive in acidic soil so maybe a top dressing of lime would help there. You probably wouldn’t want to use any herbicides.

  • Maggie says

    So sorry but the only way to get rid of buttercups, without poison, is to dig down until you can pull them out by the roots. You have to get all the roots because even a tiny bit left can grow.

  • Carol says

    when re-seeding an existing grass field…we harrow it and then pokey-holey it and then fertilize it and then lay the seed.
    we have never had to deal buttercups (i love them but we don’t have any here.)

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