saints welcomes teddy and grace.

Posted: June 5, 2012 at 5:55 pm

both are young, fairly small pigs…teddy is not neutered and grace is pregnant. we set them up in the shop cuz we will have to not only watch grace carefully for when she goes into labor but also to seperate them with a wire wall for about a month after the babes are born. they won’t like this but it will be a good time to get teddy neutered and let his hormones settle before the family re-unites.

these are super cute and super sweet little pigs..janice was very sad to go home without them today. i told grace she was only allowed to have two babies..onesy and twosey….i really hope she listens to me. janice thinks the birth will be in about 3 weeks.

i better hone up on my maternity nursing stuff.

i was making some progress in the shop til we trashed it all to hell so the pigs could have the pen cleared out and all to themselves.

i didn’t get out to see dixie…shit. for sure i will go see her on the weekend.

ok..i am tired, that is it for today.

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  • erin says

    man frickin alive its mary and joseph all over again! (or what i know of the story anyways) no room at the inn, but theres shelter, love and hope for the future for this lucky little family. what if youd have said no?

  • lynne says

    oh erin you are too freaking funny that is why i love you so much. what happens to the piglets when they are born do they just go home with janice or what. lucky they had you guys to help them.

  • Penny says

    Can’t wait to see the little piglets when they’re born – they will be SO adorable.

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