i am in a wretched mood tonight

Posted: June 6, 2012 at 5:37 pm

so i will just do a couple of quick upates.

grace and teddy are settling in well, they seem to quite like it here.

wilbur may have been a little bit better today at least he got up for a little while.

gideon ate about half his dinner.

esther’s leg is finally starting to heal.

the rock is starting to lose weight.

lucky still has diarrhea.

holly is still pretty messed up in her head.

georgia and pepper are settling in ok.

cliff’s mouth is bugging him again so i think it is time for another depo injection.

ellie is not feeling well today, she is off of her food and looking and acting pathetic.

and i am going to go and have a hot bath, and then either bury myself in bed or shoot myself in the head.

5 Comments on "i am in a wretched mood tonight"

  • jamie bryk says

    Carol a Lush bath bomb will help lift your mood. Lay back and enjoy!

  • Carol says

    sadly i am all lushed out.

  • Debra says

    Oh, I was worried about The Rock on Saturday. He seemed frail and losing weight, but purring and cuddly as usual. And Cliff’s nose and mouth were’nt so great either.
    Have a good soak tonight,

  • Ian & Mary says

    I’d opt for the ‘bury yourself in bed’ option…

  • Susan says

    I’m not surprised at all with all you do…. Please try to relax and re-group, and know that you are a true blessing!

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