brrhhh…it is cold this morning!

Posted: June 11, 2012 at 4:46 am

i had to turn the furnace on…holly’s teeth were chattering. holly had more seizures last night so i think when i call for her vet appointment, it will probably be to put her down. the vet never did think it was just a simple dementia messing up holly… she said she thought there was probably an underlying tumor and it looks like she was correct. poor holly, life pretty much is sucking frequently now.

jazzy has been banished to the back cat rooms…she was jumping dogs yesterday morning and did it again at 2 am. she does this periodically but then is pretty good again for several weeks. i know she is very upset by holly’s recent seizuring so maybe it triggers anxiety based aggression in her. i will have to pay more attention to the connection between anxiety/aggression in jazzy and someone elses current seizure activity. luckily last night i had holly locked up in the laundry room, safely away from jazzy so it was pepper that ended up getting the brunt of jazzy’s freak out at 2 am..he is ok, just pretty upset.

yesterday i got part of the shop straightened up…but what is left to clean up is a full blown disaster of epic porportions. i am going to try to do a bit every day this week after work cuz if i don’t get a decent handle on it now…the shop will eat up my week before preparations for the open house. not good..there is a lot of stuff everywhere that needs to get done.

one thing i am not going to get to is putting up posters ..can folks print off and stick them up in their favorite pet stores and clinics and at places they work? no point in killing myself to spiffy us up and have no one actually come to the open house!

oh, shit…i gotta go…early shift is calling today.

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