there are days that i can just cry about shit

Posted: June 16, 2012 at 5:05 pm

and there are days that i can do something about making shit a little bit better.

saints welcomes Raven , a 23 yr old cruelty seizure.


he is all loaded up in the trailer and on his way here. his dinner is waiting and he will never be hungry again.

(dixie will be staying in boarding for a little bit longer (god only knows when that bottom field will be ready it EVER going to stop raining???)..i have GOT to get out there tomorrow and give her her apples!)

8 Comments on "there are days that i can just cry about shit"

  • Janey says

    Welcome Raven. I can’t wait to hear how he adjusts to being a Saint and living the good life.

  • Fiona says

    You bet he will never be hungry again, he will be well fed. Raven has found a good home.

  • Carol Ann says

    aww that is so nice. Poor horse he will be just fine now.. This made my day.

  • Jamie says

    Carol you made the correct choice, he needs the love, food, kindness that Saints can give.

  • cheryl and stef says

    those sad eyes are going to change in no time. once he gets to saints he will be kicking his heels up all across the field.

  • cheryl and stef says

    we just got a horse from Julie and J & M horse rescue that she got from the auction 3 weeks ago. He was quite skinny and my gosh started him on Step 8 HIGH FAT you would not believe the difference in this guy….That stuff works miracles. They sell it at McFly’s The photo of your new guy looked like he was needing a few groceries in him. might want to give that a try…

  • Bunny Horne says

    Welcome Raven, you are going to love love love it at Saints. Lots of yummy food, lots of friends (human and 4 legged), fresh bed every day, lots of love and the volunteers will even let you dump their wheel barrows a few times. Can’t wait to meet you.

  • Raven, you have gone to heaven! Carol, thank you!

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