who is coming today and when?

Posted: June 22, 2012 at 6:54 am

cuz we have three main projects today…

A. stock and organize the linen shelves in the big dog room and restock the supply shelves in the back cat hallway.

B. little fix me up around the dog room outside door (move out that ugly dog tent thing, move in the nice cedar dog house and move a few wheelbarrows of gravel around (5 wheelbarrows full max!)

C. the ever present freaking messed up shop.

9 Comments on "who is coming today and when?"

  • Penny says

    Carol, I will be up there around lunchtime or shortly after (there should be two of us). We can do anything necessary.

  • shelagh f says

    sorry, can’t come today. Got called in to work this
    morning as they were short. I put the bag of name tags in Ed’s room. Regarding food, whatever we don’t use of the Costco, unopened of course, I will return.

  • Jamie says

    Carol, I am unable to make it today as I am in Abby.

  • Ann C says

    I’ll be up around noon, the rocks are done I’ll bring them with me.

  • Curt says

    Off topic, Are we 9 to 3 during the open house?

  • Curt says

    to be more specific will I be 9 to 3

  • Maggie says

    Hi All
    The Mission City Record put our story on-line with a link to their original story about the importance of 1000 Saints. Thanks Adrian! Yeah!

  • ryan says

    Hey do you need any help for saturday i got the day off and wanted to come see the open house. let me know if you want me to come early and help clean

  • Rae says

    Wishing all of the Saints and the many volunteers 2 days filled with sunshine, positive thoughts, and many new supporters. I wish I could physically be there but will definately be there in spirit!!!!

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