when you turn down the volume

Posted: June 28, 2012 at 3:30 pm

and shut up the bullshit…. when the band stops playing…when all the pomp and circumstance has run it’s course….

at the end of it all..there is a spirit, there is a heart..there is a life with questioning eyes gazing straight into your soul.

and what quiet but real thing can you offer to them..that means something beyond all of the glitz and the noise?

i see you.
i hear you.
i feel you…right to my core.
and i will answer you..now..and tomorrow.

today i spent a couple of different short blocks of time in with the frail guys. this morning we played..lucky ripping up her toy…tess chewing and squeaking hers…manny toddling awkwardly after his ball…it was a geriatric, in slow motion, joyous gift to me that they gave. this afternoon, i put on andrew lloyd webber and we cuddled and snoozed thru this beautiful music…one on one and then over to the next one…ah such peace.

rescue is about so many things that absolutely must be done responsibly..the feeding, the cleaning, the medicating..the planning, the thinking, the worrying, the caring….the believing….

and it is also very simply…just about being…them and me.

that new frail room is a gift to all of us…let’s make it a gift to all of them too. when you have a spare moment or two..pop in and visit…(fix a bed, play a game, brush a coat, bring a drink closer, help them up and out…) and ask them what they need in that moment and be really there with our frail guys.

5 Comments on "when you turn down the volume"

  • Bunny Horne says

    That’s awesome. I thought that room was off limits. I would love to spend a few precious moments of time with these amazing Saints.

  • Jamie says

    Carol you have written several amazing blogs, some of which have had me laughing until my tummy hurt, cried until there were no more tears, but this one is the core of what I believe & try to live my life. Thank You for sharing your heart, soul & life with everyone at Saints, you make us all stronger.

  • another Doreen says

    So true! Some of the best times of my vacation were just sitting outside and being with my animals until they were ready to go in.

  • roff says

    There’s something magic involving older animals and stillness. I notice it all the time with my aging (11 and 13) pair of friends who won’t be with me forever. Perhaps the all-consuming energy of the young has confused our expectations with the aged. But truly, those still, quiet moments are amazing to share. They know it too!

    Hey, do you think it’s restricted to animals???
    I think not.

    Thanks for find the words to capture it!

  • Debra says

    Beautiful words. Look forward to meeting Riley this weekend and seeing the other frails ones.

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