shane and joey did well today…

Posted: June 29, 2012 at 4:49 pm

shane must have walked a hundred miles..joey got a little bit tired of it all after a couple of hours. yes they did go thru the drive in at mcdonalds and they are both pretty beat this afternoon. i am glad i did not take weaker dogs, it would have been too much for them.

mo and i went out and groomed dixie…she is such a sweetie!

riley’s bloodwork is back…mild elevated liver enzymes…low it liver disease or is it the results of her emaciation? we added a bile test to the lab request..that should be in tomorrow and then we will know for sure if it is ongoing liver disease or if we can easily fix this nutritionally. her kidneys and everything else looks amazingly good!

keeping a close eye on flicka tonight..janice thought she might be starting to colic this morning and then she seemed ok..i noticed her acting bit off in her stall tonight so i went out to check. not sure if something is up or i am just being any case… better safe then sorry so tonight i will watch her closely.

the frail guys are watching “ray” (charles) tonight..everyone is fed, med’d and comfortable.

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  • lynne says

    good for you shane i really wish i could take him home, get rid of my husband and voila. shane really likes me probably because i take him for walks when i am there. it sucks when you cannot take someone home because of your spouse. i would probably have 20 dogs but actually my husband is very good at the animals i take home he did not want any more animals but i brought big bambi home and he loves her, she is such a sweet sweet dog she is no problem at all if they could all be that good it sucks because i look at esther and she is such a good dog, love her to bits but i have stairs so could not have her, would love her to have a forever home, and wonder why she did not people are missing out on so many loving animals that need a home and they are all so great.

  • another Doreen says

    Could Flicka be out of sorts because her Ziggy has been clever and figured out how to spend some time with Ray yesterday?

  • Janice says

    If she starts again tonight /during the night and you need help give me a call.

  • Renee says

    Carol do we work Monday?

  • Carol says

    monday is the off for you guys.

  • Diana says

    Kiva is still sleeping after her day at the prison. Makes me see how old she actually is now. When she was young, she would have been bounding around like a nut.

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