we lost lucky today

Posted: July 4, 2012 at 4:41 pm

it looks like the mass in her stomach started to bleed out. i will write more about this later when i get home tonight, for now i just wanted folks to know that we lost our beautiful blind girl today.

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  • Maggie says

    Body blow.

  • lynne says

    oh shit i am so sorry carol. i will be up there at 800. was not home at 430 to get up there i will talk to you later.

  • Curt says

    Poor girl. At least you gave her a good end of life

  • Michelle says

    So sorry Carol

  • Bunny Horne says

    I’m so very sorry.

  • erin says


  • Brent says

    that sucks, so very sorry.

  • shelagh f says

    interesting, so soon after Dusty. That makes me sad,
    but I think she really missed Dusty. Its funny how
    that happens when one partner dies, the other follows.
    I share Brent’s sentiments, that sucks

  • Debra says

    Worm what sad news. I just gave her lots of brushing Saturday as she layer on my foot. She was so happy. So sorry to hear Carol. The MP room won’t be the same without Lucky and Dusty.

  • Helga says

    This is tough. She was such a golden girl.

  • Ann C says

    Too sad, sweet dreams beautiful Lucky, I will really miss you.

  • Jamie says

    So sorry to hear this Carol. Lucky truly did have a safe and content end of life. But now Dusty & Lucky are together running, playing and just plain being silly puppies. We are blessed to have them all with us for as long as we do.

  • Shawn says

    I met this lovely dog at the open house and watched her be brushed. It was part of the reason for me wanting to volunteer. I want to help in so any ways. Rest in peace and ” live like the gate was left open” you beautiful dog

  • Penny says

    Not sweet Lucky! I shall miss her beautiful face, waiting for pets when we went into the MP building. It just won’t be the same without her. She’s running free now, and can see again – bless you, lovely girl.

  • Brenda says

    Oh no, Lucky’s been at SAINTS ever since I started volunteering I think, or soon after. She had such a lovely face and temperament. I’m so sorry Carol, hugs to you

  • Janice ter Borg says

    Maybe Lucky wasn’t so lucky because of health problems and being homeless for most of her life, but she was very lucky she ended up at SAINTS and lived the rest of her life with great happiness surrounded by people who loved her. Tears for Lucky. RIP sweetie.

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