thank you helga, penny and friend for coming to the rescue today!

Posted: July 5, 2012 at 3:16 pm

i got booted out of work early and told to stay home til my bandage comes off. while i can shove the sucker inside a glove when providing care….i can’t really wash my hand right now so i guess i get a extra day or two off. i think it should heal enough that the big bandage can maybe come off on sunday…. at least that is my plan.

so..since i was home early i went out and helped janice catch up out in the farm yard. i like scooping poop…. on a sunny, warm day it is very zen-like…except now my hand hurts again, oh well.

krista and i washed manny’s and riley’s butts. riley is way stronger then when she first came in..i am pretty happy about that.

anyway…despite being down 2 staff members…looks like everything got done…way to go everyone, GOOD JOB!

my apologies ….since i am down to one typing finger for now, don’t expect very long or interesting posts!

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  • Barbara says

    Just a reminder to folks that voting begins on Monday in the next round of the Shelter Challenge. Mark your calendars!

    Carol, Carol, Carol…I still remember pulling into your driveway all those years ago right after that horrible “bite” and the trip to the emergency department afterwards… You gotta stop making your big sister worry so much! I hope your hand heals quickly. So sorry to hear about Lucky.

  • Carol says

    lol…that “bite” was a once in a lifetime bite..this bite pales in need to worry…the only issue with this one is part of it is on a knuckle and i elected to go with steri-strips vs sutures so i can’t bend the freaking finger for a few days or the steristrips won’t hold it together…hence the honking thick bandage.

    (like i am going to sit in emerg for 5 or 6 hours waiting for a couple of stupid stitches and coming back out again with the added gift of MRSA…not. my co-workers are taking very good care of me…great nurses!)

  • Helga says

    Penny and I weren’t the only ones helping.

  • Carol says

    who else was here?

  • Carol says

    oh, i know!!!! shelagh was here too…yay shelagh and thank you!

  • shelagh f says

    i would rather have stayed than gone for the first
    stage of a crown on my tooth. Ugh. Actually, I
    was expecting it to hurt more. So far, so good.
    If you are going to be short tomorrow, let us all
    know and we will see what we can do. Poor Georgia,
    looked a bit bewildered today, like she wasn’t quite
    sure if this was the right place for her in the
    MP room. Does Georgia like to be picked up? She looked
    like she needed some lap time. Though we have had our differences, I kind of missed Puff, but they are a nice group in the MP room, all old and rickety.

  • Carol says

    yikes..the dreaded dental work..poor you!

    georgia is a bit out to lunch where ever she is. she might bite when picked up ..but mostly won’t if you tell her not to. she really likes to curl up next to someone on the couch tho…just tell her not to bite you when you pick her up to put her there.
    when she is wandering around looking lost it is cuz she is looking for that freaking elusive canned food.

    you should take puff home!

  • Maggie says

    Carol, how are you fixed for help tomorrow?

  • Carol says

    renee doesn’t work fridays…janice only works til noon
    krista will be here for her full shift and i don’t know yet if laura is still sick or not.

    but….i am here so that is good.

  • Debra says

    Carol, I am always available weekdays if help is needed in the MP building

  • shelagh f says

    I thought I was supposed to take Tina home Take care
    of your hand

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