so…our handy dandy shed builders are here today…

Posted: July 11, 2012 at 2:02 pm

john and mike brought out charley the crippled rooster’s new yard and house playpens (he is currently lounging out in the shade on the grass!)…nothing fancy but it is light, portable and works just fine! the house playpen is too deep..i can’t reach the bottom to grab him or clean so they will raise the floor up enough for us to be able to easily reach in and do whatever we need to do…and they put the thing on wheels so it is easy to move too…yay for charley the rooster!

we had a load of gravel brought in so they are now out in the field levelling the ground and buildng the cement pad forms..we will get the cement pad for the new family pig house poured so when we have enough money to actually build the family’s new home, we are already to move quickly forward.

we have designed the building (when we actually build it) to meet 2 purposes…the building itself is just for the pigs but the roof line over from the back wall will extend out an extra 12 ft giving the upper pasture barn animals another small 12×12 shade/rain shelter.

john has very kindly offerred to carry the cost of the cement pad until we get our gst rebate in a few weeks and can finish the entire project. super nice guy!

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  • shelagh f says

    kind of off topic, but are you ok till Friday for
    canned food and apples? If not I can just drop
    them off tomorrow, otherwise Friday I can stay
    Will Charley improve with time and will he be able
    to join the rest of the chickens if he is stronger,
    what does your crystal ball say? (of course, he is
    a rooster, not a chicken)
    As far as your “thing” how long does everyone have
    to ponder this question? I think everyone would be
    hard pressed to come up with an answer, as you are
    off the top of your head.

  • Carol says

    we are ok til friday and my pre-interview appointment is next wed so you can ponder for a bit.

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