injured cat needs help

Posted: July 20, 2012 at 12:17 pm

he came in as an unclaimed stray to ashleys vet clinic…his pelvis is shattered to shit. i said we would try to help cover the surgery costs and then bring him here. but the fact of the matter is..we don’t have any money right now so ashley is collecting donations where ever she can. she has raised about $200 but that is a drop in the bucket over what the total cost will be. so if anyone can spare a few buckets here and will add up to a big help for this cat.

the clinic staff have named him far he is pretty damn good at dodging death!

(ashley… i will chip in $50 this weekend ( hah..i can afford this now cuz i have 2 jobs!) will be in an envelope for you on the desk.)

here is the broken little guy looking for some help.


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