shit, the computer room biter was at it again….

Posted: September 7, 2012 at 7:33 pm

someone had phoebe by the throat while i was out. phebes is pretty upset. the three possibilities are mya, crash, and jazzy…jazz is pretty small to do the damage that shane and phoebe received. i do know she can be a hag so it is a remote possiblity. but she has been here for quite awhile and never inflicted this level of injury before.

crash has yet to show any aggression at all… but mya has shown a bit of a tendency to be trigger happy when someone has pissed her off.

i am thinking it must be mya.

so what to do?

fucking dogs man..why do they have to be so god damn difficult???

i am going to have to quickly figure this out really soon…like tonight.

10 Comments on "shit, the computer room biter was at it again…."

  • Michelle says

    You need a nanny cam in there

  • Jenn says

    is phoebe ok?

  • Debra says

    Yes, a nanny cam it is ! Poor Phoebe. Hope she is ok.

  • Carol says

    she is fine enough to stare at me silently and pathetically and pile on the guilt continuously that she as been sorely abused.

    she has neck/under the jaw punctures plus i am sure some pretty painful bruising cuz we all know, dog bites do hurt.

    she is however totally oblivious that she has been the abuser of others on many occasions herself and is very upset that this has happened to her.

  • erin says

    i watched shane all week to see if he seemed gun shy around anyone, i couldnt see any signs if he was giving any. anybody got a video camera to lend?

  • Janice says

    I wonder if there is more truths missing from the family who left Mya , they did have two dogs and kept the other..

  • shelagh f says

    it has to be one of the new dogs, and my
    money is on Mya. Now you will need a penalty
    box for her and Odie. You need a bigger house!

  • Bunny Horne says

    Mystic turns 2 in a few weeks (October 5th I think). Any plans for a birthday party / vegan BBQ for that weekend?

  • shelagh f says

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  • Tammy says

    Just read about Phoebe, what a horror story. Hope she is okay.
    Give her my best, and extra treats tonight.

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