Posted: September 14, 2012 at 9:23 pm

I thought I had organized my self well today. Went to Coquitlam, went into downtown Vancouver, went to Staples, parked my car at Commericial Dr in Vancouver and spent one hour and 15 minutes folding programs in my car before meeting with the spca animal advocacy group… and as I am sitting there congratulating myself on how I am not wasting time and folding programs… I thought comes into my brain. Oh my god I forgot to pick up the glass plaques we had made up for the $1000 donors. I think oh it is in Langley on the way to Pitt Meadows. Come home and tell Leila and before I can say we can pick up on the way into Pitt Meadows she says they are closed Saturdays. YIKES…. and we have no extra ribbons…. YIKES

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