different strokes for different folks…

Posted: September 20, 2012 at 8:31 pm

you can’t always have whatcha want.

bess wants to eat potato chips.

ok bess i will feed you potato chips.

lottie wants to eat cats.

lottie, there is no freaking way you are eating any cats.

(note to everyone…never let lottie anywhere near any cats.)

2 Comments on "different strokes for different folks…"

  • Shawn says

    Carol, Charm ( who we call Norm) thinks IF he sits IN the cupboard he warrants a treat. It’s tough to turn that face down! Thanks for letting us add him into our family as he makes us laugh every day. I can’t wait to meet the new dogs Saturday

  • Carol says

    so glad prince charming norm finally has the great home he longed for!

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