Upcoming Fashion Show… for SAINTS… September 28th

Posted: September 24, 2012 at 2:11 pm

If you live in Vancouver please consider attending Barking Babies Fashion. Admission is $10 and proceeds will go to SAINTS.


If anyone who has an adopted dog from SAINTS in the Vancouver area and would like to volunteer their dog as a model can you contact me at events@saintsrescue.ca

Thanks, Sheila

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  • Mo says


    Hmm not sure the link worked.. but it is adopt a less adoptable animal week.. seniors are #1 on the list. So if your lifestyle can accomodate a senior..check them out & share your love.

  • Curt says

    Should be more on the poster as to what Saints is, as I am sure many people who see it will wonder (such as web site etc…

  • Bunny Horne says

    Hi, Curt, actually the patrons of Barking Babies are very familiar with Saints Rescue. They promote Saints every opportunity, plus Nicole has attended functions at Barking Babies, as have Brent and I.

  • Bunny Horne says

    I will be stopping by on the Friday night as well as they have some cool stuff in their windows I want to purchase for Halloween. The staff confirmed on the weekend that you can purchase.

  • Curt says

    Bunny, I meant other people who see the poster and are not familiar with Saints is what I meant (because it is in Vancouver)

  • Janice ter Borg says

    I agree with Curt. I specialize in marketing/communications and many of my clients forget that people outside their organization may not know anything about them. It’s very common, even among large corporations. Even if you just include a sentence about SAINTS (“SAINTS is a sanctuary in Mission, B.C. for senior and special needs animals that have no where else to go.”) and the website address.

  • sheila says

    Thanks for the suggestion Janice but this is a 3rd party fundraiser and therefore the poster was created by Barking Babies. I don’t believe it is our place to criticize how they choose to advertise their event since SAINTS benefits from it without having to do any work.
    We are just very appreciative of the help.

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