just a couple of heads up for tomorrow

Posted: November 10, 2012 at 8:18 pm

mo can’t make it out to saints…she has a few sudden house disasters of her own…no hot water, multiple areas of a leaking roof…she is probably almost ready to tear the house down and live in a tent! anyway the barn areas will be short tomorrow..i will help out with the meds and anything else but only for a short while.

but my real concern tomorrow is…we have a huge tour coming thru at 11 am…28 people that i actually know of and that doesn’t count any drop ins. don’t anyone panic..i will be doing the tour. however…since i will be bringing such a big group thru and all of our inside areas are quite small and cramped..we need to ensure a couple of things to make sure the tour goes smoothly.

odie absolutely needs to be out at the barn..or if he is being a dickhead out there…taken for a nice long leash walk..maybe out to the memorial garden if someone is able to do that?

puff also needs to be out at the barn and if he is being a dick head out there..maybe tossed in the office (without ed!) for a bit??

and there can’t be any feeding of canned food going on anywhere when i am bringing the tour group thru..it just makes everything so chaotic.

and if smeone can just do a quick run thru of the dog rooms to make sure they are still clean and tidy before the group hits the house..that would be greatly appreciated too.

finally…. i will need to split the group when we come into the house so if someone is willing to keep one group occupied in one of the areas while i tour the first group thru and then entertain the first group while i take the second group thru, that would also help a lot!

so if any of the willing someones can touch base with me tomorrow…maybe we can figure this out so this giant tour goes relatively well!

4 Comments on "just a couple of heads up for tomorrow"

  • lynne says

    i am also bringing nick in to do the plumbing so can help out where needed. i can take care of odie and make sure the dog room are clean just let me know what is needed and i will do it.

  • Helga says

    If we feed well before the tour, is that OK? I’ll make sure Zsu Zsu is cleaned up again before I leave. Pokey’s dish won’t be in anyone’s way and I can put Mama T’s on the shelf by the bunny room window.

  • Carol says

    that’s fine helga..it is mostly the hysterically think they are starving, flipping out dogs i am worried about..they should also be fed early…well before the tour folks come.

  • Brenda says

    Great that Lynne is going to be around to amuse Odie – I can entertain one of the tour groups while you take the other thru as well. Whatever is needed – and we’ll make sure feeding is done before 11AM Carol – that way everyone is happy and calmer. See you tomorrow.

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