oh shit..i remember now!

Posted: November 26, 2012 at 7:39 pm

i was going to blog about the new dog!

cooper is here..he is a very sweet, senior, mid sized mixed breed..looks a lot like shane. he has had a couple of really good brush outs which he really badly needed (and still needs a few more.) has had his dinner, seemed to really enjoy it and then puked it all back up. he is living over in the mp room and doing quite well over there.

anyway..super, super nice dog.

we will get him started on some antiiflammatory and pain medications, he has quite significant stiffness and arthritis in his back end, he is also totally deaf. i think everyone is going to totally love this lovely old dog.

4 Comments on "oh shit..i remember now!"

  • Sarah says

    Oh thank you!! xoxo to you and to this lovely old dog, Cooper.

  • Maggie says

    I met Cooper today when I delivered the clean laundry…he is a total love.

  • jan says

    there is a goat stand on cl good for restraining goats and sheep possibly even large dog for sale for $75.

  • Bunny Horne says

    Just an FYI – I am on site this Sunday, December 2nd, so if anyone requires any cards from Series 1 or Series 2 of the Saints Collector Cards please let me know. They make excellent stocking stuffers.
    Contact me at bunnyhorne@shaw.ca

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