who cares what justin beiber wears to meet the prime minister?

Posted: November 27, 2012 at 6:25 pm

honestly..people need to get a life..if harper wasn’t offended why the heck are they?
on a scale of 1-10 of important things to be outraged about…people are actually publically giving a shit about a young pop star’s attire?

my important stuff from today…and i didn’t dress up for any of it either.

after several years of homelessness here..after almost getting nuked in an over crowded american shelter..our dear hilda finally got a home today!! i don’t know how many of you remember reggie..that absolute screaming lunatic whose knickers were tied up WAY too tight…so tight in fact that they shut off the oxygen to his brain. anyway..he and his mom came by today to find himself a new friend. reggie looks great!..he is happy and sane and his knickers are no longer twisted AND he was really happy to see me again!
hilda was actually pretty reluctant to leave and really wanted to get back into my bedroom instead of leaving by the front door. the first couple of weeks are of course a trial, because if hilda is not happy, i do want her back. but fingers are crossed that hilda will be as happy with dorothy as reggie is. i am really going to miss that dog!

benji/max is home. yoda (jamie’s other saints foster) had an ongoing fit over the new old kid moving in. max seems ok with his return…he is such an absolutely great dog and i am really happy he is home again.

cooper is doing ok…i think he is still a bit perplexed by his living situation change, but he is dealing with it really well. he remains an incredibly sweet and gentle old dog.

wilbur the little pot belly guy is still not doing good. we have a couple of drugs left to trial and then i think we will be at the end of the road without anything left to try. i am hoping the new med we just started him on has all of the positive benefits that we are looking for. fingers and toes are crossed that this will be the answer for him to feel well again.

i finished off the feed runs and produce shopping so we should be well set for the week. i do keep forgetting to order in a load of sand and gravel and i see the shavings pile is getting low so i better get on to all of those things tomorrow.

does anyone care what i was wearing today?

i am pretty sure not.

12 Comments on "who cares what justin beiber wears to meet the prime minister?"

  • Brenda says

    How is Jesse doing Carol? – oh, and has Morgan caught any more mice? – and no, I don’t care what you were wearing today!

  • erin says

    yeah brenda, i found one in the outside run today. slowly but surely shes picking them off

  • Tammy says

    Yeah Morgan, gotta love that girl.
    I bet Carol had Flannel on today.

  • Carol says

    jesse is on and off..not sure if we are going to get him to stay on enough to qualify as a good quality of life. and i was in khaki toda..flannel was close tammy sadly but no cigar!

  • Bridget says

    people might care if he wore only a crown and a loincloth…. what can i say? people like distractions from reality.

  • Bridget says

    i can’t see you using the same tactics, Carol- the mornings are far too cold for such things. 😉

  • Carol Ann says

    soo happy for Hilda and also to know Reggie is doing well. Hope it works out. I was wearing lots of clothes –cold out. I’m sure nobody cares lol

  • Debra says

    So happy to hear Hilda has a new home. Hope it works out. She is a sweetie. I love her cuddles. If it weren’t for having a husband, I would have adopted her. Hubby said no more animals…. And I only have 4.

  • glenda says

    Hi Carol! Enjoy your blog, it’s quite entertaining at times and other times it makes me check myself for attitude, thankfullness, etc….so good on you for bringing out all those things in all of us. I know you are busy, but could you give a little update about Crash….I was just so darn happy when you took him in. He was on the TG website and I was sick about his situation (although, unable to do anything about it) and so when you took him in, I was over the moon…I do support Saints monetarily, it’s all I can do at this point in time….maybe if I move to Mission I could volunteer!

  • Ryan says

    Yay!!! for Hilda bout time some1 took her home XD

  • Carol says

    crash is good glenda…he is such a sweet and good hearted dog. he is happy here..probably won’t get a home as he is both bowel and bladder incontinent due to spinal myleopathy but he is comfortable and content and he loves me (and june!) so i guess here is about as good as he is going to get.

  • Nancy says

    That’s great news about Hilda. We met her at the open house a couple years ago, she was such a happy little dog running around, she seemed to really like it there at Saints. I often wondered how she was doing.
    Did she come from California with Larry? Or what was her story?
    Your tales (tails?) are always so interesting about all the animals there.

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