Posted: November 30, 2012 at 6:38 pm

huge thx to laura, the scotia bank staff and corporation, the bakers, the shoppers, the supporters of SAINTS.

once again the annual saints bake sale at the mission scotia bank raised $5000 which the bank very kindly matched… bringing the grand total raised today to $10,000.00.


11 Comments on "GREAT BAKE SALE!!!!"

  • Maggie says


  • Penny says

    I bought lots of Xmas goodies for myself and my daughter. Yummy stuff! That’s so great.

  • Ann C says

    Great news, whoever made the shortbread cookies they are very yummy!

  • Shawn says

    Woohoo that is awesome! PETvember wrapped up today at Clayburn Middle. The kids brought in lots of items on the winter wish list. I am pretty proud of how much actually came in…..could be the videos we put together and all the loveable faces the kids saw every day on our morning announcements :). When would you like me to bring all these donations? Thanks Carol!

  • Carol says

    that is so great have great kids! thx so much!!! you can bring them whenever works best for you..i will be home for lunch over the weekend around noon and am on days off mon/tues if you want to come during the week after you finish work.

  • Shawn says

    How about we come by Monday around 430 or 5 with all the stuff. Then we can help put it away too! Thanks so much

  • Carol Ann says

    I picked up some yummy stuff too. for us and the dogs. Great job Laura as usual.

  • Cathy Thomas says

    OMG that is amazing! Well done everyone!

  • Janice ter Borg says

    That is fantastic!!

  • Helga says

    To whoever made the Almond Danish pastry: YUMMY!!!!
    Only one little piece left.

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