hymie was euthanized today

Posted: December 10, 2012 at 5:38 pm

she has been on a really rocky up and down road for almost a year now, but maggie has stood by her and gotten her thru every crises up til now. thank you so much maggie for taking both hymie and squeakers into foster care. i know they were so challenging in so many ways but you gave them the one thing we couldn’t…a very great home of their own to spend their last days in.

hugs to you..i am so sorry for all of the losses you have suffered recently.

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  • Brent says

    Such sad news lately, sorry for your loss Maggie.

  • AnnC says

    Hugs to you Maggie……sweet dreams Hymie.

  • erin says

    oh no! shit maggie, im so sorry.

  • Shawn says

    Maggie, I am so sorry

  • Curt says

    Sorry to hear about your family loss

  • Caylee says

    So sorry Maggie.

  • Maggie says

    I brought Hymie home and she will be buried next to her great love Squeakers tomorrow.
    Carol is right about the huge challenges they both presented but there is another side of the coin, the way they waited for me to go to bed then snuggled into the crook of my arms one on each side purring their hearts out. The change in both of them as they realized they were home with warmth and food and love….mostly they started bossing me unmercifully! Just two of the many, many moments of great happiness they gave me.
    I don’t think Hymie fully recovered from the loss of Squeakers, her protector all through the years when they were in the hands of a hoarder, cold and hungry.
    It was a privilege; I loved them and will miss them forever.

  • Mo says

    Oh Maggie..what can I say..cyber hugs to you..bless you for opening your heart home and soul to those that may have never experienced a home of their very own before..it is a beautiful thing .

  • Helga says

    I remember when they came to Saints. They needed affection so badly and were lucky to find you. Thanks, Maggie

  • lynne says

    aw maggie so sorry but a better home they could not have found. you did good by them. on another note how are two of my favorite dogs doing. it is funny there is always someone around the road who needs you and when one passes on there is someone else to love and take care of i guess the name of the game in rescue. so sorry for your loss maggie just keep doing what you are doing.

  • jamie says

    Maggie so sorry to hear about Hymie, but as you said she is with her Squeakers again. Huggs to you, share some with Sam & Leah

  • Nicole says

    So sorry for your loss Maggie.

  • Virginia says

    Dear Maggie, We hope you see this. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving Squeaks and Hymie so much love and a foreverlasting home together. They truly were a love story and they found their protector in you. We are deeply sorry for your loss, your post brought tears to our eyes. We hope you take solace in knowning that you gave them the best life has to offer in their twilight years. Thanks again to you and SAINTS from the LCL Team.

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