Posted: December 29, 2012 at 8:50 am

arghh..chloe is not eating. i do NOT want to have to start force feeding her…shit.

daphne is home from the vets..i picked her up on my lunch/dinner break between maple ridge/mission shifts…she was really happy to see me. now we wait for the urine tests to come back, hopefully her infection is gone.

jazzy’s potential adopter is coming out this weekend..i will let you know how that goes.

i want to thank everyone for their very kind and generous christmas donations..between those, the bake sale and a couple of late in the year grants that came in….all vet balances are now currently sitting at zero…great big yay! we are starting 2013 with a clean slate.

i hit london drugs for their boxing week sale specifically to pick up a slow cooker crock pot for cheap. i have it and got it for under 30 bucks as part of my cooking healthier food at home plan…(cheaper then buying a new stove!) now i just have to learn to use the freaking thing…today is day one of my learning curve…today is D day in cooking a real dinner here. we will see how that goes. i just don’t get why everything has to cook for 8-10 hours…that is pretty damn slow…i will need to have it all ready to go by 9 if i actually want to eat later today.
i am already thinking…early morning suzie homemaking might suck.

just so you know..nugget is now an absolutely stunning rooster to look at BUT he has also become a bit of a dick. oh yay..the last dick headed rooster we had was hank…(he got a great home) and i was so freaking glad to see the last of him. rusty was the very best rooster i ever met..kingly, gorgeous, and very kind..i wish all roosters were like him but sadly they are not…most are testosterone driven egomaniacs.
don’t anyone take any shit from nugget..he ain’t the boss around here.

oh..and to the very kind person who gave me the glittery little heart soap…i might have to kill you. i washed my face and hands and discovered i looked like a freaking gold sparkly fairy…WTF..are you kidding me??????

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  • Ann says

    what great news about the vet bills! πŸ™‚ I bet that’s a relief (for now at least…) Happy New Year to you all at SAINTS!

  • Debra says

    Great to hear the vet bills are at 0. Good start for the New year.
    How is Joey doing in his new home?

  • Curt says

    Good to hear about the vet bills!

  • Cathy Thomas says

    Awesome on the vet bills. On the slow cooker get hold of Company’s Coming slow cooker cook book. – there are 2 different ones. The beef barely soup is to die for. It will make enough to feed you for several days and it freezes well. I like to prep it in the evening and then put it on before I go to work. It is great coming through the door to a home cooked meal that is ready to eat.

  • suzanne says

    most crock pots come with little cookbooks and the recipies are usually good. Just remember when you are making something like stew to put the denser/heavier ingredients like the meat and potato in FIRST so they are at the bottom and then put the “lighter” foods like the carrots/celery/mushrooms on top.

  • suzanne says

    PS they make great baked beans.

  • Nicole says

    Word of advice… You may need to find somewhere to use your crock pot other than around four-legged salvating fiends who have to inhale the delicious fumes of slow cooking beef over 10 hours. You may find that by the time you go to eat your meal you will be surrounded and mauled by ravenous beasts all looking for a piece of the heaven they’ve been looking forward to all day… This was my experience anyway. My golden retriever’s snout would be caked with crusty salvia from drooling all day. LOL!

  • Ann says

    and there are great vegetarian recipes and cookbooks too πŸ™‚ and google is always your friend…

  • Bunny Horne says

    Carol, are you on site tomorrow by chance – I have some $$$ for you.

  • Mo says

    Carol and glitter soap..now that made me laugh.

  • Helga says

    I always put my slow cooker in the kitchen sink if I’m going to be away and lay a large heavy duty cake rack over the top.

  • Carly says

    Glittery soap…I would toss it in the garbage before opening it…I hate glitter too

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