shep is here…

Posted: January 4, 2013 at 6:57 pm

he is the 16 yr old BC from nelson. nice dog.. a bit overwhelmed.

thx jeff for getting him here..really appreciate your help!

5 Comments on "shep is here…"

  • Carly says

    welcome to saints shep 🙂

  • Lynn says

    Are you hanging in there? Feeling anxious and angry? It’s not easy what you are doing.

  • lynne says

    yes welcome shep. how are you doing carol better off to avoid you tomorrow? lol

  • Michelle says

    You can do it Carol! Thinking of you!

  • Geoff says

    Glad I could help. Great knowing Shep is at Saints. I only knew him for the day, and he was a bit freaked out by everything, but he held it together for the trip and we had zero incidents. He was a bit sick of travelling by the time we got to Abbotsford, though!

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