if anyone is free next week…

Posted: January 25, 2013 at 11:56 am

i found the will..i am the executor but it is an unsigned copy so we have to do a registered will search next week.i could really use some help in sorting and emptying deanna’s house next week tho, her rent will be due by the first of the month, and she doesn’t have any money to pay for another months rent. i have asked my work for next week off for vacation so i can get at least thru the house and return it to the landlord, empty and clean.. it is a very big and kind of depressing job so if any one is able or wants to help, i would really appreciate it. i am planning on working thru it mon-fri if work can cover my shifts so if you are willing and able on any of those days, please let me know.

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  • Shawn says

    I would help you out Carol, but I would get there at 3. Does that help at all?

  • Curt says

    I could give a hand on some days

  • Maggie says

    I could help one maybe two days. Let me know where and when

  • Mo says

    I think it would help Carol if we told her when we could make it as opposed to asking her to tell us…at least if I was in her spot that would make me happy.

    I am working something out but can’t confirm it until tomorrow when my boss will be in working O/T with me.

  • Penny says

    It’s all so sad. I could help on Tuesday or Wednesday, Carol. What’s the address?

  • Maggie says

    Good point Mo. Carol, I’m available on Monday for sure.

  • sheila says

    I can come out on Thursday for the day

  • Carol says

    ok..how about i post one day at a time for each day of next week…anyone free on monday can meet me at saints at 10 am (i am seeing the lawyer at 9)and we can car pool or follow each other.

    i have ordered a bin in..it will arrive mon/or tues but we can still sort and bag.

    still trying to trap the cat,,,her name is wiggy…i kind of agree.
    a couple of deanna’s friends helped me today and we made a good start on the kitchen.

    i will be going for bit again tomorrow morning while the volunteers are here to hold down our fort but i should be home by 11 am or so.
    thx you guys! you all rock!

  • Curt says

    I am open any day but Tuesday

  • NicoleMcC says

    I’m a maybe for Monday as it will depend on how Harvey’s doing.

  • Helga says

    Is there likely to be anything we can use in the next garage sale? I am free Mon., Wed. and Thurs.

  • Carol says

    anything sold will have to go back to the estate as there are some bills and debts to settle.

  • Maggie says

    What if we get the house in order and have a garage sale there next Saturday? All proceeds to the estate.

  • Curt says

    Will I be needed to clean / back up a computer?
    Just a thought

  • Carol says

    good idea maggie but we have to be out of there by friday…that will be feb 1st.

  • Carol says

    the computer looks ancient..probably not worth doing anything with…she mostly just played games on it.

  • Linda says

    I’m so sorry to hear of the death of your friend. I’ve handled a few estates and just wondered if you have talked with her landlord. What I understand is that usually the estate still has to pay for a months rent after her death. The landlord is still owed one month’s notice and rent, so to speak. That is unless the landlord is willing to waive it in writing. It’s something you may want to check out. The BC tenancy law is a good place to start.

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