are you kidding me…this is ethical???

Posted: January 26, 2013 at 4:06 pm

not in my books..i am sure donors would just love being passed around..not. and where is the privacy and confidentiality in this either?
does anyone know is this universally accepted practice?
cuz it just feels TOTALLY wrong to me.

Good Afternoon,

My name is XXX, I am the Co-Executive Director and Co-Founder
of XXX., a nationally registered XXX
charitable organization. We would like to ask if your charity has a
policy in place where they will trade their Donors List with another

If you would be interested in exchanging our donor list please contact
me by email or by telephone at: xxxx

Thank you for your time.

well we didn’t have a policy in place before but we sure as heck do now…it is very simple policy …NO not EVER.
(oh and X is not an animal charity, just so no one thinks this is an animal rescue thing.)

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