for the folks who don’t read the comments…

Posted: January 27, 2013 at 7:08 am

3.Hello Carol and everyone at SAINTS. It has been two weeks since my wife and I adopted MYA. Just want to give you all an update as to her adjustment to living with us in the City. MYA thinks she has arrived in dog heaven. She loves it here, has adjusted well and has to be the mellowest, best adjusted, friendliest dog I have ever owned. Such a love suck, always kissing or leaning or demanding a belly rub or quick game of nose soccer.

Never ever had a thought of bringing her back to SAINTS and now on our two week anniversary I am writing to say that MYA has found her forever home.

Thank you all for saving this wonderful dog. It is unimaginable that this sweet girl was not wanted. I read this blog daily and so admire the job you guys are doing. Thanks again for the best old girl in the world.


Dave, Catherine, Deana

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