Vote for Senior Animals In Need Today Society once daily in the “Share the Bounty” National Giveaway

Posted: February 26, 2013 at 10:41 am

SAINTS rescue has been nominated and selected as a finalist in “Share the Bounty” National Giveaway! We are now eligible to win a donation up to $20,000!

Starting Tuesday, February 26th, 2013 (today) and continuing through to March 29th, please visit
and vote for your favourite charity every day (hopefully that is SAINTS). The more votes we get, the more chances we have to win. You can help by spreading the word! *Please note that we are listed under our full name – Senior Animals In Need Today Society

There are three prizes avaialble to be won by the charities with the highest number of votes at the end of the voting period:

Grand Prize: A $20,000 CDN Donation
Seconary Prize: A $10,000 CDN DonationThird Prize: A $5,000 CDN Donation

All remaining charities will be put in a draw, one vote equals one ballot, in which 3 charities will be selected at random to receive a split share of $15,000. The more votes a charity gets the more chances it has of winning a donation.

AGAIN, please vote once a day. Thanks in advance for your support


Anyone interested in a daily reminder email can sign up by emailing me at

5 Comments on "Vote for Senior Animals In Need Today Society once daily in the “Share the Bounty” National Giveaway"

  • another Doreen says

    Hi, I tried to vote on the Nature’s Bounty Contest this morning but was not able to using my Android phone. I emailed and got the following response: “Unfortunately the site was not designed to be used on a mobile phone therefore that could be why you are having problems. The site works when being accessed on a computer.”

  • Jenn says

    Sorry to hear that Doreen. Its a good heads up to others that may be trying to vote from their phones that they must vote from a computer.

  • Curt says

    I belong to a cat lovers gaming group on Facebook & put both links on their page asking for votes as well

  • Janice ter Borg says

    A couple of my facebook groups are voting for SAINTS daily but we need more votes!!

  • Sheryl says

    Somebody asked if they could vote from the U.S.

    Yes, you can. According to the reply I got to my email, you do not have to be in Canada to vote.

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