quick updates

Posted: May 8, 2013 at 5:28 pm

max feels betrayed..i left him at the vets, they made him go to sleep and he woke up missing 10 of his teeth.
he says he has been robbed!

jake is doing ok…we had a bit of an issue first thing this morning..he tried to steal angel’s canned food. she got mad, he got mad back and I had to pull them apart before any blood was shed.
note to myself…when doing meds and diabetics, jake gets shut into the big dog room.

renee has shaved down both ewok and benny..benny looks like a giant egg with a fuzzy tail, head and 4 fuzzy feet.

I find it interesting that there are 350 unique hits on the blog every day yet the comments are so few. I am wondering how many of those hits are spammers and if a lot of them are..why am I bothering to update them every day???

54 Comments on "quick updates"

  • Willie C says

    I also read the blog almost every day but seldom comment.

  • janey says

    I check in every morning with my morning coffee 🙂 Vote faithfully when the opportunity arises.

  • Julie says

    I check in about once a week.

  • Jacquie says

    I too read your blog every morning with my coffee. I am so grateful and in awe of what SAINTS does for our senior friends. I look forward to coming to the open house this year and finally meeting the whole cast of characters. Keep on blogging Carol!

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