Posted: May 21, 2013 at 4:56 pm

I know how well you all love my WTF? posts.

here are the updates from today.

cliff had the rest of his teeth removed. it is a risky option for a feline leukemia cat but maybe better in the long run than continued high doses of steroids every few months. hopefully this works to control his mouth ulcers, if not, we go back to the steroids.

big sympathetic hug to Helga who had her car stolen last night. I only know because she called me to apologize for the probably never to return laundry that was packed up in her car waiting to come home. I told her not to worry about the laundry and so sorry about her car! and a curse on the morons who stole a 20 yr old car from a senior..nice going, hope your sleazy karma catches up to you one day soon.

shep had to go into the vets…bloody diarrhea and dripping frank blood out of his rectum. it is probably from the spot’s stew I fed him yesterday cuz he turned his nose up at everything else. no more spots stew for you shep, ever again.

the other thing that will never happen with shep again is me grabbing lunch via the drive thru. apparently some kinds of dementia are by choice and with certain triggers..like someone elses lunch..brain cells can fire in high and accurate speed once again.

the second that bag of food hit the car, shep was on high and crystal clear alert. he was pretty much falling over the front seat to get his mouth on my food. he got the toasted bagel, he got the chocolate donut but I put my foot down over the ice cap. the bagel and donut was bad enough for his bleeding gut, there was no way he was getting iced coffee to boot.

once he had fully consumed the bagel and donut, he made it perfectly clear that he wanted the ice cap too. he poked me with his nose, he whapped me with his feet…his freaking mouth followed the cup up to my lips every time I had a drink.

I have never felt such a clear and electric connection with shep before over anything. he was 100% fully there in that crystaline moment of wanting everything I possibly had that he could possibly eat.

funny dog.

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  • another Doreen says

    Selective hearing, vision and dementia?
    I’ve had my suspicions about some of my oldies sometimes!
    Some of these old critters are smarter and more with it than they care to let us mere humans know!

    And bad karma indeed to anyone who steals cars and clean laundry!

  • shelagh f says

    so sorry Helga. That really sucks.

  • Leila says

    Go Shep go

  • Brent says

    Helga ,really sorry to hear about your car.

  • erin says

    helga that really sucks about your car! hope they find it. and the shits that took it.

  • Debra says

    Oh Helga, so sorry to hear about your car. What idiots!! (That was being polite)
    Way to go Shep!!

  • Bunny Horne says

    WTF – who the hell would steal her car and why? So very sorry, Helga. You do so much for others – how cruel.

  • Mo says

    Oh man Helga what a fn drag..so sorry that totally sucks..if you need ride to saints on weekend or somewhere else..if i can be of any help i will.

    Shep..is becoming the barn ambassador

  • Renee says

    So sorry to hear that Helga, people suck 🙁

  • Joyce says

    Helga, what can we do to help?

  • janet nicholson says

    Next time, Carol, remember Shep’s choice of lunch – better get two!

  • Helga says

    Thanks everyone. My brother has offered me the use of one of their vehicles and I will probably take him up on it – once I get a steering wheel lock. Not taking the chance of having someone else’s car grabbed.

  • Bunny Horne says

    Helga, I have a steering wheel lock I don’t use. I am out at Saints on Sunday. If you are around and still need one I will have it with me.

  • Fiona says

    So sorry about your car Helga. Just a warning, I had my truck stolen by West Coast Express parking lot a few years ago and it had a club on it. If they really want it they will simply cut the club and there was no sign of a window broken. I would highly recommend getting an immobilizer put on any vehicle and you get a discount in insurance so it pays for itself in a few years. They tried to take my newer truck but ended up leaving it when they saw the immobilizer, either that or the alarm scared them off. I know how much this sucks.

    Way to go Shep!!

  • Sherry Lynn says

    I so love hearing Shep stories! He’s such a weirdo!

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