welcoming new buddy

Posted: June 7, 2013 at 5:48 pm

so buddy is here. I was mistaken..(the lighting was dim back in the kennels) this buddy is not ugly at all. in fact he is kind of cute. maybe not basset…maybe corgi or 50 million other muttly type dogs to make a very unique guy like him.
he seems to be a nice guy too with a bit of a broken heart.

I told him, look buddy..you could be dead, not watching tv and lounging around on my bed. and the first couple of days here, while you get used to it, is the worse it will get.

anyway. I like him. no sign of a dickhead.

and he will now be known as sporty buddy…he is pretty athletic.

maybe one day once he used to it all… I will just call him sport and he will know that is him.

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