Happy Tail Updates and Upcoming Yard Sale to benefit SAINTS

Posted: July 3, 2013 at 12:02 pm

Here are some great photos of Tina Fey that one of our volunteers snapped a few weekends ago of her at her new home on the island.

Tina was one of those dogs that came from the LA rescue Ace of Hearts in 2010. She was in danger of being euthanized as a senior with a massive mammary tumor. Here she is with her her “Big” sister Keesha.

 photo GetAttachment14.jpg
 photo GetAttachment13.jpg
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Also, a few weeks ago we recieved an update from Sporty Bud’s new home!

Hi Carol,

Just wanted to let you know Buddy has settled today; I quickly realized on the ride home that I needed to sit in the back seat with him and he didn’t take his eyes off the road – I guess he wanted to make sure he knew the path back! After a tour around the house and yard we just tried to keep to our regular routine and let him find his comfort with all of us. It has taken him a bit to get used to Blair in fact he took a wide berth around him for a good part of the day – I suspect he hasn’t had the best of relationships with men in the past. He had a good nap and ate all his dinner tonight so that is a good sign. He had an early connection with my niece and it didn’t take long for him to test out her bed. He is a lovely dog and we thank you for trusting us with his care. Will keep you posted on how he is doing.

Helen & Blair

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Weather permitting, the next Saints’ yard sale is going to be on July 20. Helga is looking for a few helper to assist with the setting up. Her number is (604) 826-0680 if anyone wants to get in touch with her or e-mail hpirang@shaw.ca.

7331 Wren Street
Mission, BC

Saturday July 20 from 8:30AM to 3PM
(will reschedule if raining).

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12 Comments on "Happy Tail Updates and Upcoming Yard Sale to benefit SAINTS"

  • Curt says

    Speaking of Happy Tails. Renee how is Remmy settling in his new pad?

  • Kate says

    Hi. can anyone suggest a shop in the area to buy a wind chime, some good friends lost their Rotti yesterday, I have always thought it is such a heartfelt tribute, since seeing at one of your open houses a few years ago and would like to do the same for them. thank you for any help.

  • Bunny Horne says

    There is also the West End Vancouver Yard Sale – Saturday July 13th – 10am to 4pm – Lord Roberts Elementary School grounds. Proceeds go to SAINTS Rescue – any unsold items are donated to Helga’s yard sale on the 20th.

    Helga, we will have a shipment of donations for your yard sale – we are bringing them with us on Sunday.

  • erin says

    tina-fey is so cute, glad shes a happy girl! and sporty buddy, what a great dog. so lucky, those two.

  • another Doreen says

    Kate, the Wild Birds Unlimited stores in Chilliwack and Abbotsford have some neat things. http://fraservalley.wbu.com/ Or maybe some of the garden/nursery stores. Save-in Foods/Pricemart/Coopers Foods also had some cute seasonal things, but I’m not sure what they would have left by now. I got a couple of nice ones at London Drugs a couple of years ago. Dollar stores carry them too. You have to shop around.
    Good luck finding that special remembrance item for them.

  • Renee says

    Remmy settled in the second he walked out of his carrier. Hes taken over my place and has fallen in love with my boyfriend. Hes happy and well adjusted and I am so happy that he is with me all the time 🙂 I’ll try and send some pictures to Jenn to post.

  • lynne says

    there is a really cool place in the mission junction the beach basket has awesome windchimes have gotten some there for my dogs that have passed on. you were meaning mission and you know where the junction is. it is the save on foods area. over in the industrial area.

  • Ian and Mary says

    Lola Banana says hi to Tina Fey……they came up together from LA in 2010……Both cancer free now for 3 years!

  • Curt says

    Good to hear Renee. He is such a good mellow boy. Give him a brush and a smooch on the head for me

  • Carol Ann says

    Love happy endings. Tina Fey was my little love. So glad she is happy but missed her.Those dogs that came from LA were the sweetest bunch. Poor little Prince was so fragile.

  • Kate says

    thanks for the info Doreen and Lynne I live in Chilliwack, and go to Mission a lot, so I know where the places are.. I’m sure I will find something there thanks again

  • Tammy says

    Glad to hear Lola is doing great. Sorry I missed seeing her at the open house.

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