Posted: July 3, 2013 at 9:19 pm

does anyone know where the computer room tv remote is? I would like to turn the tv off or at least change the channel but I can’t find it anywhere…and no mystic did not eat it..she doesn’t come over here.

3 Comments on "hello?"

  • erin says

    ahhh fuck betcha my kid left it on the back of the couch. hope you found it….sorry!

  • erin says

    he says he put it in the sheet box on the shelf, cause, yknow, that way he can just reach behind him while sprawled out on the couch and no sprawling couch sharing dog need be disturbed. again, sorry.

  • Carol says

    ah..yes..of course! I have lost my ability to think like a kid.
    and no need to apologise, I knew it was somewhere around here!

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