help picking up new dog boomer (sad story senior dog from up north)…

Posted: July 4, 2013 at 6:45 am

he can fly into Airco on sunday july 7th at 1145 am (not sure where that is but I am thinking either Vancouver or abbotsford airports but will find out for sure.) can anyone pick him up and get him out to saints???? I am working that day.

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  • NicoleMcC says

    I think it’s Vancouver. If you can get him on to a later flight I can drive him out but I’m not able to get there until 1pm.

  • shelagh f says

    sure, say you can help, then when the time comes, you can’t. Sorry I am
    away for the weekend, otherwise I would have been
    happy to pick him up.

  • dawn says

    I will got get him where ever he is if someone else can cover the tour Sunday. (if there is one)

  • Carol says

    ok..we will go for dawn so we can commit to getting him asap…THX dawn!!!and I will make someone else around here do any tours!

  • dawn says

    When and where is all I need to know. Airco is a charter airline with no set schedule so he could be at either airport or even Langely….

  • Michelle says

    If Dawn can’t, then I can. I’m off that day. Just call me. Thanks

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