Posted: July 8, 2013 at 8:54 pm

I convinced boomer to just try up on the bed. took him a while to take those three small steps but then wowser!
belly rubs, schmunching ones face into soft covers and pillows…
a whole new world unfolded for him.
told ya so…pretty good eh?
yay! here comes the boom!!

10 Comments on "hah!"

  • roff says

    Welcome Boomer!!!

  • Bunny Horne says

    Boomer must think he is in pillow heaven. How exciting to get a new sheep – Carl needs some new responsibilities – he has it pretty easy these days.

  • shawn says

    Carol, I have some sheets and such donated from a retired teacher friend, could I drop them off one afternoon after I am done summer school? I am glad Boomer is settling in, must have been a pretty cute sight as he enjoyed learning about a bed!

  • Fiona says


  • Carol says

    that would be great shawn, thx!

  • lynne says

    that dog was up on the bed all morning. just jumped up from the floor and waited for a little rub. he is very sweet.

  • Carol says

    way to wreck my happy moment lynne! I thought we shared a special break thru moment together..now I find this is not so.

  • lynne says

    i am sorry. as soon as i posted it i thought shit why did i do that. any consolation he did not suck up to me i think he just wanted on the bed, not because i was there. sounds like you did have a breakthrough moment with him if he was all smoozy. i will be there tonight to watch the animals will that get me back in your good books. lol

  • Carol says

    lol..i am only teasing you lynne don’t worry! all is good, and thx for tonight cuz i won’t be home until almost 10!

  • Cam says

    YAY BOOMER, you should have been on a bed all along little buddy…now the good stuff starts!!!

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