hah..i will be the first on this one lynne!

Posted: July 10, 2013 at 5:19 pm

I took boomer for the evening run. he sat nicely on the hill with me but then being the boomer that he really is..he exploded and jumped into the pond. and there went the once was a clean, new, old saints dog.

I find I need to borrow someone’s husband, wife, sister, brother, girlfriend, boyfriend, cousin or whatever…I need them for not more than an hour. brent is away this weekend and our new indoor play yards have arrived and I really need asap one of them set up and attached to the walls. it looks super simple as long as someone is 100% comfortable with tools and screws. these have to be attached securely and not look like crap and a bit of tidy mickey mousing with a 2×4 might be required to get it to fit.
which is exactly why I am not attempting it!

so if someone has someone they can lend me this week, I would be pretty darn grateful!

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