waiting for baby…

Posted: July 11, 2013 at 4:53 pm

she should be here soon.

gideon did ok with his eating today..i will give him his second supper when I go out to settle the new sheep in.

max and chance were moved back over to the mp room. max is a happy little camper..chance is not. I might have to bring him back over here.

I can’t see summer in the barn cameras, that area doesn’t have coverage. I will check on her when baby gets here.

boomer is a hoot to play with…he zips, he zooms, he deeks right and left..june and mystic really like him too. jake lays in the middle of the yard like a slug. all he cares about is getting out for the evening run. and we will after baby gets here and I settle her in!

lots of things waiting on baby, hope she gets here soon.

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