Animal Sponsorship W4W Gala

Posted: July 22, 2013 at 7:34 pm

Animal Sponsorships -And because we know that all the volunteers and fans want to see every single “saints” face at the event we will again be asking for a $25 sponsorship so we can have a picture of that favorite saint at the event. The picture will be framed and have the sponsors name placed on the back of the card and best of all makes a lovely keepsake of the night.

All the animals have been sponsored!

If anyone is confused by which animals they are sponsored – please email me at

Updated June 24 9:10 PM pm

55 Comments on "Animal Sponsorship W4W Gala"

  • Carla says

    Thank you for updating the list. I would like to sponsor Chief, Whiggy, Cindy, and Tigger please.

  • laura says

    I will sponsor Daniel(rabbit) since I found him and brought him to Saints it’s only right that I bring him to the Gala.
    Could you please put my boys name on the sponsorship card instead of mine (Daniel Little)

  • Colin says

    Hi Carol,

    I do the $25 per month but I don’t have an animal attached to it, would you like to assign someone to me? I know all the money goes directly to Saints so I am happy with whoever you chose.


  • Carol says

    how about the new cocker nikki colin, i know she doesn’t have a monthly sponsir yet.

  • Carol says

    sponsor, duh.

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