so i probably shouldn’t tell you this story…

Posted: July 29, 2013 at 7:15 pm

but i will. it happened and apparently, i don’t have much of a filter.


i rushed home from work in maple ridge, quickly got the mp building fed and med’d. let puff out for a pee and took the big guys for a quick loop around the pond and fed gideon his second supper.

then i rushed back to my car, drove into town and met one of my nursing buddies for sushi. i rushed back home, grabbed a bunch of the house dogs cuz a lot of them don’t get to go for the evening run anymore cuz i have the big guys out.

everyone was so very excited, everyone was in a big, giant, this is so exciting rush. i couldn’t have held the tidal wave of big and small k9 enthusiasm back and i let myself just get swept along.


we get down to the bottom field and i suddenly realize my bladder is about to burst. i can’t go back home cuz the mob would not only have followed me, but they would have been in chaotic revolt for getting ripped off.

it was peaceful and quiet and private down there so i thought i could sneak in a little hilly billy, no one will notice, peeing behind a bush thing.

it was an emergency!


every freaking god damn dog had to come and see what i was doing and if that wasn’t bad of them was particularly stupid.

oh my freaking god, i accidently peed on one of the dogs.

i picked her up carried her home and gave a bath to newly christened mini me.

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