oh. my. gawD!

Posted: August 1, 2013 at 6:33 pm

it took an hour and a half to run all of the dogs. i took riley and capone first…(riley can run now and when he does, his ears and jowls flop all over the place!)

then i took the house guys and let them run around in the upper field for a treat. absolutely too funny!! mini is bouncing like a two year old, daphne is running and knocking her over in play, odie was having a freaking woohoo party fit, and buddy was beside himself with glee.

i left them all in the dog yard and then took bru out for a walk..(he is staying with us while jenn and jiv are away)…oh. my. freaking. gawD!! how slow can that dog possibly walk!!!!

finally i leashed up and grabbed pepper and took him out last of all. he walks at a very nice clip, peed and pooped (but he is a bit constipated) and is way more fun to walk then bru.

bru is like a little old eeyor…totally down, droopy and sad cuz he is stuck here.

buck up bru, it is just for the weekend (this time around!)

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  • Bunny Horne says

    I wish I had seen the house guys walk. I want to see Odie haven’t a woohoo party fit. That poor guy has had such a life and such challenges it would be wonderful to know that he is getting some enjoyment out of his life. Mini is like the Energizer bunny – she keeps going and going and going.

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