the day after…

Posted: September 3, 2013 at 6:07 am

I am looking at the cameras at 0645 and thinking…why does Gideon have a third bowl? I only gave him two big dinners last night because he was sedated and eating slowly.
ahh..then I see a human body slip thru the camera outside view in the distance…hmmm? lexi? now why is she here almost 2 hours early?
maybe she has to leave early today or…maybe someone was freaking out at home and worrying cuz we had such a fucked up weekend with her barn guys.
I will pop out and say hi when I am dressed and on my way to work.
anyway..i am glad she is here early and I don’t need to worry when I leave cuz her eyes on Gideon now.

pokey passed peacefully from this life to the next. he was a very good…and very strong little cat. I am glad he settled in here well and seemed content. I know he really liked the special meals and treats he always got. and he always liked all of the cuddles he could get. I don’t know what his previous life was like before he ended up in a hoarders house, but I think pokey’s life was most likely always tough. he was a survivor that was for sure. rest in sweet peace pokey, you deserve it.
love you babe, you will be greatly missed.
 photo pokey.jpg

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