thank you lance

Posted: September 4, 2013 at 4:01 pm

for eating my god damn bedroom curtains and door, 1 day before my family is to arrive for jenn’s wedding.
it will serve you right if they freak out over the way I am living and pull an intervention.
you mr. lance may well be shit out of luck with no more nice lady’s home to chew thru!


it is no freaking wonder I had chest pains today..i live with a particularly inconsiderate moron.

4 Comments on "thank you lance"

  • erin says

    Lol im still sorry! This blog must be fifty shades of fuckin funny to people that dont know these guys…with all the dolts, boobs, demons, pissaholics and assholes runnin amuck in your house heehee

  • lynne says

    what happened just went berserk. left alone could not handle it

  • glenda says

    Carol, you amaze me! I’m not sure I could write a blog that puts such a humorous spin on life at SAINTS. I have laughed through a few lately. I do hope,seriously that Jen’s wedding goes off without a “hitch”. I’m getting a sense of the volunteers now, almost a year after being introduced to SAINTS and I believe you have a great team behind you. Keep on keeping on. Thanks Carol for all that you do and sacrifice for these furry guys and gals. You, your volunteers, Turtle Gardens and some other organizations that cater to human needs give me hope that mankind is better than it appears to be at times!

  • Addy says

    sounds like Super Lance could use a downer. O.o

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